Reduce air pollution caused by burning waste

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Association of agriculture mass buying center in Northern lower Thailand

Association of agriculture mass buying center in Northern lower Thailand was established in 2020 by the committee of the working group on haze, forest fire, and PM2.5 pollution, one of whose main leaders is Mr. Aphichai Patanapromsuk (Chairman of KPW Energy Co., Ltd. at present). The primary objective of the association is to address air pollution issues in the northern region of Thailand, primarily caused by the burning of agricultural waste by farmers in the northern region.
The association is tasked with coordinating the establishment of a center for purchasing surplus agricultural raw materials in collaboration with entrepreneurs, linking the utilization of agricultural surplus materials for business purposes, in accordance with the objectives outlined in the declaration of establishment.
KPW is one of the key leadersof the Agricultural Waste Utilization Association in the Northern region and plays a significant role in leading the association towards its goals. By strategizing to maximize the procurement of agricultural waste materials from farmers across Thailand, KPW manages and ensures the quantity and quality of raw materials. They also oversee the collection of agricultural waste materials in each province and region, their processing, and the delivery to customers both domestically and internationally.
Reduced agricultural waste burning
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Sold to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand(EGAT)
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Purchased materials from farmers
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Roles in Society and Country

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Thailand

Reduce agricultural waste burning in Thailand and change to values

Generate income and Promote transparency and fairness for for Thai farmers

Promote the cultivation of energy crops in Thailand